Automate Workflows


Automate complicated manual business processes with less engineering effort. Achieve better business outcomes with our enterprise grade workflow builder.

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Automate your manual and tedious business processes

Faster Development

Increase efficiency

Workflows will enable you to automate your manual process and significantly improve the output of your team

cost effective

Reduce errors

Automations will make sure that there are practically no errors caused due to manual tasks like data entry, rule based decisions etc

effortless integrations

Meet your deadlines

Your team can focus on tasks which matter more and make sure that task deadlines are met and you don't lose business

Integrate with datasources

Interact with 50+ datasources or any API to fetch or put data. We support sources like SQL, Snowflake, AWS S3, Zendesk and many more.

connect datasources

Design the workflow

Use ToolJet's easy to use drag and drop visual editor to design the steps of your workflow. Each step could interact with a data source, have logic block or has custom code.

build database

Bind business logic

Connect various steps of workflows to create the business logic or goal. You can use if-else steps or custom code steps to navigate the flow.

build database


Run the workflow from the dashboard or from any ToolJet App. Little secret - scheduled jobs are coming soon.

Build application


That's it. By now your workflow is executed and you will see the expected output as well.

Build application
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