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Emeritus Case-study

Emeritus partners with top-tier universities across the United States, Europe, Latin America, India and China to bring world-class business and professional education to a global audience.

They have collaborated with more than 55 universities to date, launching more than 100 courses and serving students from more than 160 countries. Many courses are offered and facilitated in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

With offices in six countries, 650+ employees and more than 50,000 student enrolments over the last 12 months, Emeritus is a global leader in the $280 billion global professional education market.

Apps built
Internal users

“The ability to create custom internal tools is a game-changer for us. ToolJet is our organization's key to enabling efficient internal operations and building to scale and transforming from start-up to established enterprise.”

Megan McCafferty

Head of Product - Internal Systems

The inefficiencies of internal users in Emeritus hampered productivity and resulted in greater salary overhead.

Emeritus’ engineering teams were responsible for building all of their own internal tools; and as an operationally-heavy company, there was a lot to get done. Major pain point for internal users was the number of disconnected systems and the inability to look at and piece together information from multiple systems in one place.

Bhushan Heda - CTO, Matthew Delaney, CDO of Emeritus & Meg McCafferty - Head of Internal Systems run development for the Emeritus team – a group of engineers and operators responsible for the customer experience in course enrolment – and building internal tools for his team was tedious but critical. These disconnects made simple tasks laborious and impacted our ability to serve our customers quickly and accurately.

Prior to using ToolJet, Emeritus team built internal interfaces to their enrolment platform as part of overall product design, but with minimal emphasis on operational efficiency or user interfaces. They wanted to create efficiency for our course delivery teams as well as Enterprise enrolment platform.

From months to few days

Emeritus implemented ToolJet by creating a POC application for their course delivery team. “We set up self-hosted ToolJet with a very small number of users. Head of Internal Systems worked with business stakeholders to map out needed functionality. A single staff person on the product team (not dev team) fluent in SQL and JavaScript created the first version of POC app in a matter of days as an addition to her normal responsibilities.” After several iterations over the next few weeks, they released the POC app to the delivery managers, who used it for 2+ weeks before they started rolling the app out to a larger number of users.

Currently the team is focused on creating efficiency for our course delivery teams, who work across multiple systems to manage the participant experience. Also they are developing an improved internal interface to their enterprise enrolment platform.

They have not made any substantial change in their system. “The addition of ToolJet does present opportunities to rethink how we can minimize engineering resources for back end interfaces to our products and leverage internal tools instead.”


Emeritus’ internal systems team is using ToolJet for building full-fledged applications, but the data science and learning teams are looking into how they might leverage it as well. Both developers and end users recognized the potential ToolJet has to transform their internal business.“We should scale to 3-10 developers and potentially 300-500 app end users in the next few months. That number could be 1000+ at scale over the next year.”


“Quicker development and easier UI can help us focus on automating the items in a better manner”.The initial goal of building the first use case within 10 weeks was achieved in less than 10 days. Byju's now runs more than 35 internal tools on ToolJet in production. Right now it is used in 300 centres, this will increase to 600 centres in a year. ToolJet cut the time of Byju’s engineering team to build business applications dramatically.

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