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Quick and easy batch scheduling

BYJU'S is a global ed-tech company, providing highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning solutions to more than 150 million students around the world. BYJU'S is a global ed-tech company, providing highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning.

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Manual and costly processes were the norm, as Byju's lacked efficient and convenient systems for batch creation and scheduling.

As an operationally-heavy company, Byju's relies on numerous internal tools to work with students, teachers & operations teams. The initial plan was to build a custom application using Ruby on Rails framework. It had limitations in connecting to multiple data-sources such as Snowflake and Google sheets.

They wanted to build applications for multiple use-cases across Byju's centres, academics and tech teams. Although the process was time-consuming, it was a critical requirement for multiple important business functions. The ideation, better UI, quick development and other technical metrics were also bigger challenges to them.

Prior to using ToolJet, they didn’t have a quick and easy way to use the system to create the batches and scheduling for the whole school platform.

We brought ToolJet into the firm more as a 0 to 1 solution to fasten the process.

Byju’s decided to use ToolJet because it offers faster development, ease of use, product configuration and cheap unit cost. As there were multiple use-cases and lots of internal requirements the whole process would have been manual and costly if ToolJet was not used. 

Byju's was able to build business applications that are used for managing the operations at their offline learning centres. Also they could connect internal tools to more data sources and build dashboards and admin panels on top of the data.

The engineering team has built scalable applications without spending time on polishing frontend components.

The developers were able to build tools at a higher clockspeed as soon as the use case is identified.

The development was completed for an MVP, and post that, it was customised to improve the user experience. Currently the entire scheduling and school platform is based only on ToolJet, and the teams are using it mainly for scheduling and school report-card extraction in addition to other use-cases.

It just took 5-7 days for them to build the first use-case, and later it took just 1-2 days to build other applications depending on the usage. Other than developer cost, there was no additional cost or additional risk associated with it.


“Quicker development and easier UI can help us focus on automating the items in a better manner”. The initial goal of building the first use case within 10 weeks was achieved in less than 10 days. Byju's now runs more than 70 internal tools on ToolJet in production. Right now it is used in 300 centres, this will increase to 600 centres in a year. ToolJet cuts the time of Byju's engineering team to build business applications dramatically.

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“ToolJet has really helped us build Byju’s Tuition Centre and scale it in a very quick time. The easy customization and crisp UI have made it very friendly for the operations team.”

Siddhartha Chakraborti

Associate Director of Product

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