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Connecting disconnected legacy systems

Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP (BFKN) is a leading law firm based out of Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. Founded in 1984, the firm continues to focus on their vision of delivering efficient team-oriented services of the highest quality. BFKN represents a wide array of clients from startups to Fortune 50 companies across multiple industries. Their clients are located across the globe, from Midwest to the East and West coasts to Europe & Asia.

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Apps built

Before ToolJet, there was a lack of ability to perform functions, especially outside the network or VPN.

As a 40 year old law firm, the resources that BFKN had in terms of the number of engineers and the associated tools were not enough to innovate at scale and build solutions that can improve the overall operational efficiency at the firm. They needed a way to solve the problem of having multiple disconnected systems. BFKN used only Access Database with no alternate solution before using ToolJet.

James Bender, the Director of IT at BFKN took up this challenge and figured that having an internal tool builder with the ability to connect with multiple systems and databases and bring the data to one place could make everyone’s life easier at the firm. 

The ease of use, pre-built integrations, and product roadmap & vision were the factors that led James to choose ToolJet.

As more people within the firm see the capabilities of the apps we have built, they make suggestions for apps that could solve other business needs that may not have been considered, or even previously possible.

James himself, not being a developer, took less than one week to get up to speed and build the first application. He has already built multiple applications for different requirements at the firm.

“It is very easy to use. I can write some code in T-SQL, but I am not familiar with JS or Python. The fact that I am able to build apps with only that small amount of knowledge is amazing. The support has been fantastic. Suggestions and enhancements I have made have already been implemented into the platform. The cost is very good in comparison to competing products.”

This way James was able to replace legacy processes and build new ones to suit the firm’s needs.


Within a span of 1 month, James was able to build 5 applications single-handedly, even after not being a developer. These applications are covering the most critical business functions at BFKN. James is predicting more than ten applications to be built within the first year. These applications will include cross-functional applications that would be used by multiple departments within the firm. He feels that ToolJet could help solve similar issues in most of the law firms around the world.

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“ToolJet has been a fantastic tool for us. As a midsize firm, we do not have dedicated developers, but have still been able to build apps to solve business requirements. The continuing improvements, enhancements, and transparency with the roadmap have been very good, and exactly what we like to see from a vendor. Overall, Tooljet has been a fantastic addition to the firm.”

James Bender

Director of IT

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